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Window Washing In The 21st Century

At Squeaky Clean, our goal is not only to provide the most thorough window cleaning experience ever, but to stay on the cutting edge of technology for the 21st century. Squeaky Clean is equipped for every scenario with a multitude of tools, techniques, and experience. For most clients, our time tested method of hand washing is the #1 choice for window washing.

We employ a simple 3 step method:

  • Scrub entire window with a micro-fiber scrubbing pad.
  • Squeegee soap and water off of window.
  • Hand dry with a lint free towel.

For those customers with difficult or hard to access windows, we use cutting edge water-fed pole systems for cleaning. Water-fed pole systems utilize a purification technology to leave a spot free rinse on every window.

The benefits of water-fed pole systems are:

  • Effective cleaning up to 4 stories from the ground.
  • Elimination of ladder damage on house or injury from fall.
  • Access to windows that can’t be reached by ladder.

As you can see, Squeaky Clean has a solution for any window washing scenario. Call today for a free quote or on-site evaluation 770-286-0624

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