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Professional Window Cleaning Services

Window cleaning was the very first service Squeaky Clean offered. It began with taking care of local restaurants like Chick-fil-A, Wendy’s, Arby’s, and Zaxby’s along with shopping center accounts and dealerships. Little by little and client by client residential window cleaning became the core offering of the company. Client’s would eventually 

request pressure washing the house, cleaning the driveway, and cleaning out the gutters. We simply added those services to take care of the cleaning needs of our window cleaning clients. Today, the company performs window cleaning, pressure washing, concrete cleaning, gutter cleaning, window cleaning, and all types of carpet cleaning services. Commercial and Residential window cleaning clients are still the heart and soul of our business.

At Squeaky Clean, our goal is not only to provide the Most Thorough Window Cleaning experience ever, but to stay on the cutting edge of technology for the 21 st  century.

Squeaky Clean is equipped for every window cleaning scenario with a multitude of tools, techniques, and experience.  We combine both “old school” hand washed window cleaning with “new school” water fed pole systems.

We Employ A Simple 3 Step Method:

1) Remove the screen and wipe down and rinse when possible.

2) Scrub entire window with a micro-fiber scrubbing pad.

3) Squeegee soap and water off of window.

4) Hand dry the corners and inside frame with a lint free towel.

5) Wipe off the window sill with a wet, soapy rag.

6) Replace the screen once the window is clean and the window sill has been wiped down.

For those customers with difficult or hard to access windows, we use cutting edge water-fed pole systems for cleaning.  Water-fed pole systems utilize a purification technology to leave a spot free rinse on every window.

The Benefits Of Water-Fed Pole Systems Are:

  • Effective cleaning up to 3 stories from the ground.
  • Elimination of ladder damage on house or injury from fall.
  • Access to windows that can’t be reached by ladder.

Call 770-634-8325 today for a free phone estimate or on-site evaluation.  You can also request free information by entering your questions in the email box above or messaging direct.  As always, we stand behind our No-Risk 100% Money Back Guarantee on all work performed.

Let Squeaky Clean Put The Sparkle And Shine Back On Your Windows!

A post inspection is done beforehand to make sure all details and concerns
are noted. A final post-inspection is done to ensure quality and make sure the
clients expectations are met and satisfied. We also have a no questions asked
policy to come and reclean any areas of concern if needed. Squeaky Clean has
celebrated 17 years and we plan to be here a long time.

Let Squeaky Clean Put The Sparkle And Shine Back On Your Window! Please call
770-634-8325 or email at or use the email
box above for any questions, concerns, or

P.S.- If you need pressure washing, gutter cleaning, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and/or tile cleaning please ask about a free estimate for that as well. Package discounts are available for those who need multiple services.

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