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Residential Gutter Cleaning Services

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It is important to keep gutter systems working properly to protect your home investment.  They are designed to collect rainwater run-off and divert it from the home. The gutter system is quickly overwhelmed by debris that collects and builds up. All branches, leaves, pine straw, etc. that hits the roof will collect in the gutters until it is completely full. When gutter channels fill with debris or downspouts become blocked or clogged, it usually results in water flowing over the sides of the gutter system.  This water then settles around the foundation of the house and comes into contact with the wooden doors and windows around your home.  This is typically where the trouble begins.

Some Typical Issues That Result From Overflowing Water:

  • The water begins to rot any wood it puddles on or around.
  • The water pools around the foundation causing cracked foundations and flooded basements.
  • Termites are drawn to the moisture and ultimately to the structure.
  • Gutters can bend when over-weighted with water and debris.
  • Actual plant growth can occur out of the compost buildup inside the gutters with root systems.
  • Insect and pest can set up inside the compost network as well and begin to work into the home.
  • Believe it or not on at least two occasions the buildup was so heavy that there was a snake in the compost buildup of the gutters.

These are just some of the issues that occur when the debris buildup prevents the gutters from doing their job to divert water away from the home. This overflowing water can create wood rot, flooded basements, and possibly even water intrusion into the house.

Q) Why should you choose Squeaky Clean and what does the process include?

Squeaky Clean is a Top-Rated Gutter Cleaning Service

Squeaky Clean has been serving West Georgia and its surrounding areas since 2005. What started as a window cleaning company evolved into the core cleaning areas of pressure washing, gutter cleaning, window cleaning, and carpet/upholstery cleaning. Clients who hired us for window cleaning requested gutter cleaning and pressure washing so we slowly added each service until we were able to service all their exterior cleaning needs. Whether it is a one time clean or an annual maintenance program we have you covered. With hundreds and hundreds of 5-star reviews and 17 years of service to the community Squeaky Clean continues to serve its clients year after year.

There are 3 main services in the gutter cleaning area.

1) The first service is yearly cleaning and maintenance. This is the foundation and basic process of cleaning out the gutters. The service is as follows:

If we can walk on your roof:

  • The most efficient process is to blow off the roof and blow out the gutter channels with a gas-powered backpack blower. We generally wear specialized roofing boots to help navigate the roof safely.
  • All ladders used to access the roof are equipped with a stand off which prevents the ladder from actual contact with the metal gutters. This will alleviate the common scratches that occur when contractors fail to use this addition to the ladder.
  • Once the roof and gutter channels have been cleaned and the downspouts are clear of any cogs or buildup, we clean up the debris removed from the roof. Any dirt on the house will also be rinsed off.
  • When possible, we will hook up the water hose and flush the channels of any minor layer of remaining mud or shingle grit that remains.

If we cannot walk the roof:

  • We will use a ladder or use a rope rappelling method to access the steeper sides of the roof.
  • From there we will clean out all the gutter channels and make sure the
    downspouts are unclogged.
  • If possible, we will hook up the water hose and flush the gutter
    channels and the downspouts to confirm functioning water flow.
  • Once the cleaning is finished all debris will be cleaned up from the
    ground and any necessary house rinsing will be done.

2) The second service is gutter repair. From time-to-time gutter screws begin to loosen and work their way out. Cracks can occur in the welded areas of the gutter corners. Gutters can start to detach from home due to either a poor original install or the sheer weight of the buildup in the gutters. Squeaky Clean can handle these minor and basic gutter repairs on -site. Each repair is a little different so we will need an on-site evaluation to determine the best course of action.

3) The final service is gutter installation itself or the installation of gutter guards. Sometimes gutters simply need either an upgrade or replacement. If you are interested in gutter replacement or installing gutter guards, please call for a free on-site estimate.

Call 770-634-8325 now or email in the email opt-in box on the right side of the page for a FREE estimate! We will ask just a couple of questions regarding the gutters and can usually pull up a picture of the house on Google Street view. If needed, we can come and do a FREE on-site evaluation as well.

It is very affordable to have gutters cleaned and maintained on a regular annual basis.  This is especially true when you consider the savings of repairs to the home caused by water damage and the prevention of a serious fall or injury from trying to accomplish the task without the proper tools or safety procedures. Let Squeaky Clean maintain your gutters and keep you safely on the ground.

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