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Residential Pressure Washing Services

Modern Day Soft Washing vs Old School Pressure Washing

Many of our customers do not recognize the difference between soft washing and standard pressure washing methods.  This can result in the gentle thorough cleaning of one of their most valuable investments or the harsh stripping pressure of a high psi method.  Many homeowners assume that any pressure washer will do and attempt the job themselves or allow “any guy with a

pressure washer” to attempt to clean their home.  This can result in tremendous damage.  Water can be forced underneath vinyl which can then serve as a moisture barrier. This can result in wood rot or bacteria growth on the structure.  Hardy plank siding or painted wood can have the paint stripped off.  Stucco or dry-vit can be damaged by high pressure.  Brick can have the mortar blown out if not careful.  As you can see, low pressure is meant for soft surfaces and high pressure is meant for hard surfaces.

Pressure washing or Power Washing is the method of basically using pressure or force to blow mildew, algae, dirt, and grime off the house and exterior gutters. It is the simple old school method that some professionals and most homeowners use today. They are simply unaware or untrained in modern and safer methods of house washing. You have probably seen a vinyl house with what looks like lines and swirls all over it. That is usually due to using a pressure washing tip that creates a very concentrated stream generally reserved for something like removing gum from concrete. Pressure or power washing is fine for a hard surface like concrete but for house washing, roof washing, or cleaning a wood surface like a deck or fence it is best to utilize the soft washing method.

Some of the common issues with pressure or power washing are:

1.) Paint can be removed or stripped off more easily with high pressure cleaning. That is why most painters use raw pressure to prepare a surface for new paint.

2.) Soffits can more easily be “punched” by force out of place requiring a ladder to either adjust or re-install.

3.) Highly pressurized water can more easily penetrate aging rubber seals between the windows causing accelerated or “foggy” windows. Water can also force itself through gaps and cracks around windows or doors.

4.) Screens can easily be torn or shredded. Especially as they age and start to become brittle.

5.) Loose mortar between the bricks can be eroded or washed out.

6.) Roof shingles on roof washing particularly can lose their surface integrity when pressure is applied, become loose or detached, and have the manufacturer’s warranty voided. Manufacturer’s typically only permit soft washing to maintain the warranty.

Soft Washing is a modern house and roof washing process that utilizes a combination of low pressure with specialized cleaning solutions to remove all soil, dirt, algae, and grime from the exterior house and/or roof surfaces safely.  Using our special X-Jet Tool, we can safely clean up to 35 feet from the ground without the use of ladders.  This reduces the potential for ladder damage to house and fall damage to technicians.  Instead of trying to blast off grime, we gently remove it with our safe and approved cleaning solutions and low pressure method.

Some of the advantages and benefits of soft washing are:

1.) Lower pressure on your windows, siding, and overall home.

2.) Most cleaning from the ground reducing on site liability for the homeowner.

3.) By killing growth instead of just blowing it off with high pressure the home stays cleaner, longer.

4.) Less time to complete the job which lessons the interruption to the homeowners schedule.

5.) A clean and brightened home.

Our Soft Washing Pressure Washing Service Is As Follows:

  •  Pre-soak and protect all vegetation around and near home.
  • Pre-treat entire house including gutters and downspouts with top chemicals.
  • Allow chemicals to soak, break down, and remove all dirt, soil, algae, mildew, and grime.
  • Gently rinse and remove all soap from surface with low psi water pressure.
  • Apply special gutter chemical to lighten or remove black streaks from gutters and downspouts. (This is called electrostatic bonding. Common term is tiger striping.)
  • Rinse gutters and downspouts including house and vegetation.

As you can see, it is important to choose the right pressure washing company.  Please call 770-634-8325 for a free phone estimate, any additional information, or to schedule an on-site evaluation.  You can also request information through the email box above.

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