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Pressure washing All Siding Safely

When it comes to enhancing your home’s appearance through a good clean, especially focusing on the walls, we employ a technique known as soft wash. Think of it as treating your house to a spa day—gentle yet highly effective. In essence, soft wash is our way of being extra cautious to ensure we don’t harm your home’s delicate materials.

Imagine your house wearing different outfits made of materials like wood or vinyl. These materials can develop small cracks or chips if subjected to excessive force—similar to what can happen in a regular power wash. Soft wash, on the other hand, takes a more careful approach, guaranteeing a thorough cleaning without risking potential damage.

Soft washing involves using a lighter touch and special cleaning solutions. It’s not just about pressure; it’s about being considerate to the surfaces we’re cleaning. Transitioning into the specifics, our technicians understand this and ensure that the cleaning solutions are not only effective but also environmentally friendly.

In simpler terms, soft wash is like providing the VIP treatment for your house. It’s about making sure your home looks fantastic without causing any headaches for you or your cherished abode. So, the next time you consider giving your house a good clean, think about the soft wash approach—it’s like pampering your home with a touch of care and expertise.

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Soft washing is a technique that utilizes a low-pressure spray combined with environmentally friendly cleaning solutions to remove dirt, mold, algae, and other contaminants from your home’s exterior surfaces. At Squeaky Clean, we take pride in our soft washing approach, ensuring a thorough and gentle clean that safeguards your home’s structural integrity.

Red Mud

Georgia’s unique red clay, rich in iron oxide, is the culprit behind those distinctive stains. Rainwater triggers a chemical reaction, causing iron oxide to stain surfaces. Red clay and rust have the same chemical that causes that red coloration. Rust that is caused my metal weathering creates the iron oxide, and when it drips on the siding of houses it leaves a nasty looking red stain. The red clay is high in iron and has the red color because of iron oxide. When it rains and splatters on the siding of a house then it creates a red/orange discoloration on the siding of the house.