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Apartment & HOA Cleaning Douglasville, Carrollton, GA

There is a reason professional cleaning companies target Home Owner Associations, apartments and multi-family homes. Almost always, it provides multiple sales on one stop. Why clean one home when you can clean several? Price and convenience both play a factor in this. Price has a couple different variables. One example is controlled costs. Part of cost involves gas and set-up, which in this case can be done with one fee. Also, as in several other industries, the more you buy, the less you pay. Cleaning companies often set up fixed variables per unit. Book five apartments per week? The cost per unit is x. Book ten apartments per week? The cost is x minus ten dollars, for example. Starting to like your neighbors more? Another perk to using your complex or HOA? It provides convenience to everyone. Landlords would prefer having one day the halls are filled with hoses, solvents and noise, than multiple. Also, it can keep from filling up neighborhood streets with multiple companies. One other thing you are sure to notice with multiple sales – better service. Your price ticket is now substantially higher than it would be just cleaning your own home. Plus, you have the power of a property manager on your side. These managers have the ability to make or break a company by continuing to use them and referring them to others or spreading the word about their terrible service to several more key players. What are words that so many like to hear? The ball is in your court!