Questions You Should Ask a Carpet Cleaner When You Call

Working with a professional carpet cleaner is an excellent idea. However, you need to be careful about the companies you work with. Some companies are far better than others, and you want to make sure you’ll get your money’s worth before you commit to hiring someone.

When you ask for an estimate, make sure you get that estimate in writing. If you don’t, the cleaner could wind up charging you much more, and you’ll have no recourse. Refusing to provide a written estimate is a huge red flag. Avoid companies who won’t do this.
It’s also a good idea to ask for a written guarantee. Even if the company promises that they guarantee their services, that guarantee doesn’t mean anything unless you have it in writing. Make sure you can get this when you call.

You should also ensure that the cleaners have the proper certification. You want to make sure that the people you work with have the right training for the job. If you’re paying for professional services, you need to know that that’s what you’re getting. If they don’t have the right knowledge, you might as well just rent the equipment yourself.

Lastly, you should make sure that they have the proper insurance. If they don’t, and something goes wrong, you could be the person who’s stuck footing the bill. If they’re uninsured, you’re putting yourself at risk when you hire them, and that’s something you don’t want to do.

As long as you show some caution, you should be able to find carpet cleaners who are both trustworthy and well-trained. Professionally cleaned carpets can improve your health and the quality of your home. You just need to make sure you find the right people to do the job.


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